Man relieves self in bedroom

Richard Pedzisai                 

A Harare man who relieves himself in the bedroom, has been dragged to court by his wife, who is accusing him of emotionally and verbally abusing her.

Chengetai Magoto, who this week approached the Harare Civil Court seeking a protection order told the court that Tawanda Musandirire abuses her. 

Magoto further told the presiding magistrate Gladys Moyo that Musandirire was in the habit of relieving himself in a bucket in their bedroom and does not immediately dispose the waste.

“My husband sometime back assaulted me and I went to report the matter to the police and when l came back l discovered that he had poured urine on our blankets,” claimed Magoto. 

“Your worship, l have one breast the other one was removed on medical grounds. The Magoto mocks me about that,” she revealed.                               

Magoto told the court that Musandirire was also in the habit of calling her 83-year-old mother, telling her to come and collect her.               

In his response, Musandirire admitted having  relieved himself in the bucket in their house but claimed he was of ill-health.

He also told the court he also relieves himself in the house because the toilet is far from their bedroom, but denied allegations of assaulting his wife.

Moyo in the end granted the application for a protection order.

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